Yoga. Teacher. Community

Welcome to the new site for yoga teachers (and those of you with aspirations to become one).

Between us all we have such a wealth of information, advice and inspiration that we can offer each other, lets share it and get a community going as we all skip along our yoga teaching path.

I’m sure you’ve all had moments where you’ve felt demotivated when students haven’t signed up to a course or retreat you’ve spent ages organising, where did you go wrong? What can you do right next time? All these burning questions can be shared here.

I remember returning from my first ever yoga teacher training feeling far from able to teach a class, it gave me a wonderful foundation but I needed so much more to be able to step out and teach students. I’ve got 15 years experience in media, magazines, yoga teaching and management and am sure I’ve got some good advice to give you if you are struggling with a particular side of your yoga business.

I’m here to help so ask away, spread the word to fellow yoga teachers, studio owners and aspiring yoga teachers and don’t forget to subscribe to be kept up to date with the latest bits of advice.